Our Brands

Get to know the HMG family of weight management brands.

Our brands strategically span a variety of weight loss methods and styles. Whether people are looking to lose a little or a lot, want to lose quickly or take their time, we truly offer something for everyone. Each brand has its own unique selection of weight loss programs with nutritionally-designed products and dietary supplements selected to complement each one.

The services offered by HMG brands are hands-on and support-focused. In addition to weight loss programs, we also provide behavioral guidance training to help clients change their habits and attitudes to help assure long-term weight loss success.

Another thing our brands share? The common goal of bringing more and more people to wellness every day by using our healthy, proven weight loss programs and products.

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More about each brand:

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers®

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers six medically-monitored weight loss programs and ongoing support for people interested in serious weight loss. Our clients have lost over 52 million pounds and counting!

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Diet Center®

Diet Center’s proprietary software customizes each diet program for each man or woman’s unique needs. One-on-one support and nutritional counseling has helped over 15 million clients adopt healthier eating habits for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Form You 3 Weight Loss Centers®

Specializing in services to help clients rediscover their own true beauty from the inside out, Form You 3 offers comprehensive weight loss programs with relaxing body wrapping and cellulite reduction services in a spa-like atmosphere.

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Advanced Fat Burning 24 Hour Thermogenics®

Designed to help clients kill the hunger, burn the fat and help maximize weight loss results, this nationally renowned product line is available exclusively through HMG's franchised companies and the 24 Hour Thermogenics website.

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