Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers - A unique, medically-monitored weight loss approach.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® is known for its focus on serious weight loss, and with serious weight loss comes the responsibility to make sure pounds are lost in a safe and healthy manner. This is where medical monitoring comes in. Each client receives a pre- and post-program physical as well as counseling throughout the program. Six distinct and effective weight loss systems have been developed to complement the monitoring process while meeting different lifestyle needs.

A comprehensive approach to weight management helps individuals learn how to make wise nutritional choices, making the transition from weight loss program to everyday life easier.

What sets the Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers brand apart?

Medical monitoring

Since most serious weight loss regimens suggest a physician’s approval before starting, we have built this important step right into our programs. All clients receive a pre- and post diet physical by a center physician prior to starting any program, then a nurse and staff counselor monitor each client’s progress carefully throughout their program to assure fast, safe and effective weight loss.

Dietitian designed/physician-approved

Each program – including the aggressive ketogenic diet – has been designed by our licensed dietitian to assure proper nutrient levels. Approved by our Medical Director, each program features three phases: weight loss, calorie adjustment and maintenance.

Individualized approach

With six different programs to choose from there is a strategy that meets every client’s unique needs and goals. From quick to moderate weight loss, a focus on fat burning or retraining a body with whole foods, we have a program that fits. Our medical monitoring allows us to offer specialized low calorie plans for accelerated weight loss.

Specially formulated nutritional supplements

PWLC’s nutritious supplements have a very high taste profile and are the cornerstone of every program. Designed to help protect lean muscle mass while clients lose weight, there are also meal replacement options and supplements formulated with special ingredients designed to support healthy weight loss.

A support system is built right in.

The counselors at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers are some of the best in the industry. The support and accountability they provide is an invaluable part of the process. Many have been through the programs themselves, which allows them to truly understand the experience as they support, guide and encourage clients all the way to their goal weight.

A Successful Life is Living a Life Making a Difference — When my mom was in the hospital, I saw that quote and it moved me immensely. I am a Comptroller by trade, but have always wanted to do more in life and be a part of something bigger. I wanted to impact the lives of the people I met. And I knew that through the products and services of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers I could make a difference in my life and the lives of others. I was so happy with my success, the products, and how I was treated, that I decided to acquire a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers myself in July 2014. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers gives me the opportunity to change a life – one client at a time. And it has changed my life physically, emotionally and financially.

Terri Walker
Terri Walker
Franchisee in Fort Lauderdale, FL