Form You 3 - A more relaxed way to experience weight loss.

Form You 3 takes an entirely different approach to weight loss – one that lets the client set the pace for their own personal weight management journey.

An effective weight loss program designed for long-term results is coupled with a luxurious state of the art body wrap system to help enhance inch reduction and cellulite reduction. Form You 3 clients are free to navigate their way to a future free of the stresses of being overweight.

What sets the Form You 3 brand apart?

A spa-like atmosphere

From the minute clients enter a Form You 3 location, it feels different. That’s because it is different: supervised weight loss programs coupled with ever so relaxing infra-red body wraps and cellulite reduction services make Form You 3 a great escape for clients.

Extremely affordable price point

Form You 3 offers one of the most affordable price points in the country; this alone makes the approach very attractive!

Exclusive offerings

Form You 3 has its own products such as FormYouFast Meal Replacements and unique services like advanced cellulite reduction.

Weight loss programs based on whole foods and supplements

Clients are taught how to eat better and make smarter choices with programs that utilize a combination of meal replacements, supplements and grocery store food.

Form You 3 helps clients reveal true beauty from the inside out.

The Form You 3 brand speaks best to the client who may not just be looking to lose a few pounds, but rather to gain a whole new outlook. The positive, low-stress environment is ideal for fostering self-esteem and healthy body image.

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